8 Good Reasons to Stop Eating White Bread ...


8 Good Reasons to Stop Eating White Bread ...
8 Good Reasons to Stop Eating White Bread ...

Eating Bread is good for you... right? Well, sometimes. Eating whole grain bread is good for you, giving you lots of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. But white bread is a whole different story — it's just plain unhealthy, among other things! If you're going to be eating bread, keep reading! Here are 8 very good reasons to stop eating white bread, and make the switch to eating whole grain bread instead!

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It's Tasteless

Let's face it: white bread is just plain bland. It has no real flavor, which is why so many people like it. While it doesn't conflict with the savory taste of your meat or humble peanut butter, it sure doesn't enhance it either, the way a whole grain bread will.


It Won't Keep You Full

White bread doesn't contain as many parts of the grain as whole-grain does, so it doesn't have the fiber, which means when you're eating white bread, you'll be hungry again, and soon. If you're dieting, make the switch to wholesome, healthy whole-grain bread and stay fuller, longer!


It Contain Loads of Nasty Chemicals

If you knew how white bread was made, you'd never eat it again. Most shocking to me is that it's made with heavily processed, bleached flour. Bleach, as in BLEACH. Not something I want to eat, and not something I want my kids to eat!


It Lacks Most Nutrients

As you can imagine, stripping away two of the three parts of the grain and then bleaching the flour that's made with it is going to leech most of the nutrients out of the bread, about 30 nutrients in total. And the bread industry only put a handful of them back in!


It Can Contribute to Developing Diabetes

Recent studies have shown that people who eat white bread (and other processed foods) rather than whole-grain bread have a higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

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It's Not Vegan-friendly

Most white bread contains several animal by-products, including eggs, shortening, emulsifiers, glycerides and lactase. In short, it's not vegan-friendly, while there are several vegetarian and vegan-friendly whole grain bread options. I love Rudi's Organic, and it's easy to find.


It Can Contribute to Tummy Trouble

Whole grain breads contain something very, very valuable to your digestive health — fiber. Sadly, white bread contains very little fiber. In fact, to get the same amount of fiber in your whole-grain PB&J, you'd have to eat 16 pieces white bread. That's a LOT of bread!


It Does Nothing for Heart Health

Eating bread, if it's whole-grain bread, can help with your heart health. But none of these heart-healthy benefits can be gained by eating white bread, so why not give whole grain bread a go?

With so many good reasons to stop eating white bread, maybe it's time to give whole grain bread a try, yes? Trust me, once you try whole wheat bread, you'll never want tasteless white bread again! Or have you already made the switch, and if so, why? Do tell!

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