8 Best Foods for a Flatter Stomach ...


8 Best Foods for a Flatter Stomach ...
8 Best Foods for a Flatter Stomach ...

Bikini season is just around the corner, and while you’ve been dieting for months, maybe your tummy isn’t as tucked as you’d like it to be. No worries, lovie! I can help you kick up your diet with a few simple swaps, giving you a flat stomach in just a few weeks. Of course, you’ll still have to do your dreaded crunches, but at least you’ll know what to eat, right? Here are the 8 best foods for a flat stomach.

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Whole Grain Bread (rather than White)

What does whole grain bread have that white bread doesn’t? for starters, it’s loaded with fiber and other nutrients, which will make you feel fuller, longer, and give you natural energy to amp up your workout. Besides, white bread is bland and tasteless, and literally bleached of all of its nutrients (though some are added back with chemicals). Ick! This swap for foods for a flat stomach makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?


Water (rather than Soda)

A single-serve bottle of soda is actually two and a half servings, and every calorie in that 20-ounce bottle is empty, devoid of any nutritional value. Why waste all of those calories — 120 per serving — on something without nutrition? And if you think switching to diet soda is a good option, think again. Research has shown that the artificial sweeteners in diet soda may cause cancer. Rather than drinking soda, drink water (with lemon, if you’d like) — water is the ultimate food for a flat stomach.


Plain Salad (rather than Loads of Toppings)

Salads sound like the ideal food for a flat stomach, and they can be — without the shredded cheese, croutons, and fattening dressing. Opt for a lush leafy green salad with cukes and tomatoes, and skip the calorie-rich toppings.


Lean Protein (rather than Fatty Foods)

A grilled chicken breast, a bit of baked salmon — these sources of lean protein are a much better option than a fried burger. If you just can’t give up the fattier, flavorful meats, choose the ones that are 85/15 lean, and yes, this does include burgers.


Fresh Fruits (rather than Sweets)

Suffering from a sweet tooth? Satisfy that craving with fresh fruits and berries, rather than candy or other desserts. A handful of blueberries, a crisp apple, a few chunks of pineapple… these foods for a flat stomach are just as sweet and savory as any bad-for-you junk food sweet!

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Leafy Greens (rather than Potato Chips)

I often hear the clarion call of potato chips from my pantry, but I’ve learned to resist, and will swap leafy greens for the salty crisps. I’m not sure why or how this food swap works, but it does! And for the days it doesn’t, I’ll choose baked crisps instead of fried.


Fiber Cereal (rather than Sugar Cereal)

Take a peek at the nutrition label on the side of your box of cereal. If the calories from the sugar account for more than 25% of the calories in one serving, then it’s a “sugar” cereal and ought to be replaced with something healthier, like a “fiber” or at least “whole grain” cereal.


Fresh Veggies (rather than Salty Snacks)

If you’re having a salt craving, resist the allure of bad-for-you salty snacks (loaded with calories and fat) and choose a handful of fresh veggies, perhaps dipped in low-cal or no-cal ranch dressing. You’ll get the nutrients in the veggies without wrecking your diet… veggies are another marvelous food for a flat stomach, after all.

Making these little swaps won’t be difficult, now that you know what they are, and why you should do them, right? Now that you’ve seen my list of the best foods for a flat stomach, you’re not nearly as worried about tummy-baring tops and barely-there bikinis, are you? Which of these swaps will you make, and do you have any other foods swaps to suggest?

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I'm gabby im 5'2 and 155

Hey guys in 13 years old im 5'4 and i weigh 125 pounds im in need of loosing weight i was addicted to soda and i stopped drinking it its been about over 100 days that ive gone without soda. I count my calories and i atleast stretch or ride bikes everyday, if not i walk on ny tridmmill for about 30/ 10.0 incline and i havnt lost anyweight i do eat healthy... HELP PLEASE!!!

Hi I'm Jen. I'm 5'2 and I weigh 138. I have lost almost 40 pounds. My lowest weight was 130, which was three months ago. I tend to overeat when I'm alone. I usually don't eat during the day and at night I binge a lot which is making me gain weight. What can I do?

I am 5"9 and I weigh 150 pounds. Do I need to lose weight or is that a healthy weight for my height ?

sorry i ment 30 minutes 10.0 incline vvv


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