7 Adorable Ways to Decorate a Cake ...


7 Adorable Ways to Decorate a Cake ...
7 Adorable Ways to Decorate a Cake ...

You don’t have to have a house full of little kids to be inspired to put cute decorations on a cake. My kids are teenagers and they still like it when I make them a fun cake for their birthday or for the holidays. Thankfully the web is filled with tons of cake decorating sites and the ideas are virtually limitless! Here are 7 adorable ways to decorate a cake that I found online. I hop you like them and get a chance to try at least a couple of them.

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Animal Themed Cakes

Cut a round cake in half and place the rounded sides towards one another to create the appearance of butterfly wings. Use a Twinkie for the body and frost it with the same icing the wings are covered with. Licorice pieces can be used for the antennae. The wings can be decorated with an assortment of candies to make the wings colorful. You could also decorate the entire top of the cake with a scene consisting of various animals; monkeys swinging from trees, fish swimming in an aquarium or the ocean, or a couple of smiling cats.


Fairytale Designs

A square cake could be decorated to look like a castle. Long flat cookies could be placed around the outside of a round cake that is already frosted. Each cookie could be decorated with gummies to make the cake look like a jewel covered crown. Use one 8 inch round cake and cut 2 smaller circles out of a larger sheet cake to create a tiered cake that can be decorated like a castle. Each circle should be a different size in order for the towers to be placed at various intervals on the cake. Use cake cones and sugar cones for the towers. Place the open end of each cone together so the pointed cone sticks upward for the tower while the flat cone provides stability. Decorate it how you see fit.


Sports Oriented Goodies

A long sheet cake can be trimmed to resemble a skate board. Round cakes can be made to look like a basketball or baseball. A sheet cake can be decorated to look like a bowling alley, baseball field, football field, or just about any other type of sport field. Place small plastic characters on it for even more authenticity. If you are creative with frosting, you could also create a sports scene all on your own too.


The Teetering Cake

You’ll need to bake a 10 inch, 8 inch, and a 6 inch round cake. Slice the tops of each cake to make it slanted and then place the cakes on top of one another until the smallest one is at the top of the cake tower. Frost each layer in a different color and decorate with a contrasting color of frosting. You can make each layer as slanted as you like. The layers can be made more stable by inserting drinking straws through all three layers and trimming any excess of the straws that shows in the top layer. Do this before frosting!


Make It Look like a Giant Present

This is one of the easiest decorating ideas that is really cute. Frost a sheet cake in any color. Use fruit by the foot to create edible ribbon around the present. Decorate the package with M&Ms, Skittles, or any other small colorful candy to create a design on the edible gift.

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Construct a Cake Radio

Use a cake mix and pour into two loaf pans, filling both pans evenly. Once the loaves have baked and cooled, slice the long edge off of one loaf. You’ll want to make this slice at a slight angle since this piece is going to be used to make the radio angle upward slightly in the front. Apply frosting to the freshly cut side of the smaller piece of the loaf and stick it to the side of the full loaf. Take the loaf that had the slice taken off of it and lay it with the freshly cut side facing down on the cake plate. Apply frosting to the higher side of the loaf and stick the bottom of the whole loaf onto this higher edge. Frost the entire cake and decorate to look like a radio. You can search for ‘boom box cake’ and get some ideas on how this cake should look. It’s really neat!


Make Game Board out of the Cake

A checkerboard can be made out of a sheet cake that is covered in white frosting. Cut out red squares from a roll of fruit by the foot and apply to the white cake to create the checkerboard. You could also make a Chinese Checkers game board out of a round cake. Frost the cake in white to allow the bright colors of the star-shaped board to show up better. Use M&Ms or skittles for the colored ‘marbles’ on the game board.

These 7 adorable ways to decorate a cake aren’t geared towards any particular age group, which is nice. Although it does seem like kids get a bigger kick out of the time and effort it takes to create one of these masterpieces! What fantastic cake decorating ideas have you come up with in the past?

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